Our theme and vision: WeDO 2030!

All JCI members join their chapter for their own individual reasons. Some are focused on personal development or business networking, others join for helping their local community or for the international network. As expressed in the JCI mission, we all have one thing in common: each JCI member wants to create positive change. Whether it’s local, national or international. Each person’s contribution adds something to the many great projects we carry out within our chapters. Together, all those projects create JCI’s significant footprint of structural change throughout the world.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could enlarge our footprint by joining forces inside and outside JCI? The impact we could be able to generate if we unite all sectors of society would be enormous. For the 2017 JCI World Congress in the Netherlands we will work with government agencies, businesses, and local communities to create an innovative and challenging program. A program which provides everyone with the means to multiply his or her impact. Not only during this congress, but in their own country and within their own community. A program that of course also makes sure that everyone will have an unforgettable experience in the Netherlands.

Together, WE DO!



The 2017 JCI World Congress in the Netherlands will be an event people want to be part of; active members, senators, alumni, and even non members! Why? For the world class speakers, for the fantastic company visits, for the famous Dutch parties, and specifically for our WE DO program.

The WE DO program is a five-day program full of events centered around four program themes:

social equality
climate change

Participants choose one of these themes for the whole five days, or spend one day on one theme and the next day on another one. Each day will consist of keynotes, workshops, trainings, and company visits related to the four themes. At the end of each day, participants will have met new people, will have new insights and inspiration, and will have gathered more tools to create impact in their own community...  Read More


The Netherlands

At the 2017 JCI World Congress, we would like to show JCI members from around the world the Dutch Touch, the way our people and our institutions make the best of our country. From living together in major and minor cities, to using our natural resources like wind and gas.

Amsterdam has its canals and famous museums. Rotterdam has one of the largest ports in the world and stunning architectural buildings. The Hague houses the Peace Palace and the Dutch government. And Utrecht has the 112.5 metre high Dom Tower, the tallest church tower in the Netherlands. But apart from the tourist attractions in the four major cities, the Netherlands have a lot more to offer... Read More


Amsterdam, with its 800,000 inhabitants, is a city with a highly individual atmosphere, generated largely by its beautiful canals, its sense of energy and purpose, its cultural treasures and its opportunities for recreation and entertainment.

Amsterdam is a lively city, young at heart. No other European city can rival Amsterdam’s 7,000 historic buildings dating from as far back as the 14th century. The well-known symmetrical rings of canals with over 1,000 bridges summon up visions of the Netherlands’s Golden Age. On the cultural front, Amsterdam has 75 museums including the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum, ... Read More


Rotterdam is a young, dynamic, international city with a passionately beating heart. The city keeps reinventing itself at a rapid pace while continuously redefining and expanding its already impressive skyline...
Read More

The Hague

The Hague is truly the international city of peace and justice. For more than 150 years The Hague has been at the heart of the most important international meetings in the world dating back to the Peace Conference ... Read More


Utrecht is the beating heart of the Netherlands. A city with an unparalleled vitality. A medieval city center small enough to explore on foot. Large enough to enjoy world class festivals, modern architecture, trendy shops ... Read More

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